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21 February 2011 @ 08:59 pm
❀⌒let's stage a comeback  
i haven't posted about kpop here in a while, actually...i just post my photo-a-day entries as of recent. i guess i just haven't had much to say?

anyway, i finally just watched SJM's new music video and i must say, it's too wonderful. i really really like eunhyuk and sungmin as an addition to the group. i just think they fit so well. i'm going to end up with this song on repeat, as well as the video. henry looks so...so...just...~sigh~♥

also, big bang's mini is almost here! it's been too long since they had a proper korean release. i really can't wait for it. the teaser's have me so excited, i'm mentally sobbing at the thought of this comeback.

though, the main reason for this entry; IU. could this girl be anymore wonderful? she blew me away with her new single, and then the mv for it, now her inkigayo comeback performance for it. the music box stage, her voice, her dress, her

ah, youtube changed their embedding code...didn't they?

and now i leave you as i run off into the night~